Walnut-wood-and-copper wine goblet with gold coating

  • Cat No: 04071
A unique handmade goblet for wine made of solid wood and copper, with a gold coating. It is a suitable present for weddings, special birthdays, anniversaries etc.


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The size of the cup is: 


  • Height - 140 mm
  • Diameter - 100 mm
  • Volume - 130 ml


Metal plaque with a message – 50 BGN.




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A wooden wine goblet – one of a kind.


This unique item is the work of the skilful hands of the masters of our team. The history of the goblet dates back to 2005. We made a prototype, especially for a big film company. It was a challenge for us to create a cup that embodied immortality and eternal youth. We combined wood with metal and saw that it was very attractive with the power of its beauty and the energy it radiates.


The wooden wine goblet is a suitable present for:


  • Church wedding ceremony. Attracted by the simplicity, elegance and charismatic radiance of the goblet, many of our clients order it for their wedding ceremony. According to Christian symbols, it is an expression of God's destiny and couples believe that it helps to retain their love even in difficult times.
  • Special birthday. A wooden wine goblet makes an ideal gift for a special birthday or an anniversary. It brings the feeling of warmth and coziness. It is gentle to the touch and precious in appearance. It focuses the energy of a whole life and remains a memory forever.



Why should you order the goblet?


  • It is unique. There is no other goblet made of wood and copper with gold coating. Each item that came out of our hands is distinguished by its uniqueness. Therefore, when you give the goblet to a relative or friend, there is no doubt they will appreciate it highly.
  • It is impressive. If you want to impress, then the wooden goblet will achieve this effect. An additional engraving or a metal plaque with a personal message will increase the surprise and will further enchant the person.
  • It has been made with the highest precision. The design of the goblet, its smooth lines and rounded shape, creates the feeling of peace. We connect the tree with nature; it is beautiful and radiates security. What better gift for a person celebrating a special anniversary or for a couple who are just starting their journey together? One has already become wiser and has achieved peace and security. The other two are striving for them.


What is the goblet made of?


  • The goblet is made of solid walnut wood (pictured) and gold-coated copper.
  • The wood is pre-treated, impregnated and dried. It is prepared, cut and left for some time to rest. Then it is shaped into a cup.
  • Metal details are made at the same time. The two materials are matched and all elements are finished. The copper is coated with 24K gold.
  • Due to differences in the structure of the materials, we do not recommend keeping the goblet in a humid environment or in places with sudden changes in temperature. This can damage its appearance.


Make the present to your liking


  • You can choose the type of wood. We offer a variety of wood: wenge, American walnut, mahogany, oak, niangon, maple and cherry. Apart from structure and veins, these woods also differ in colour.
  • We can further change the colour of the wood. Depending on the surroundings and the taste of the receiver, we can choose a suitable colour and shade together.
  • You can decide whether the metal part is made of copper with gold or silver coating, or of solid silver.
  • You can match the goblet with a jug, with two goblets or with a bottle of vintage wine.
  • A metal plaque with your personal message, placed in a luxury box or an engraving on the bottom of the goblet will impress the receiver even more and will leave a lasting memory.


How to keep your goblet beautiful?


  • Keep it away from the dishwasher and your goblet will delight you for many years with its beautiful appearance. The wood does not like sharp temperature differences. After washing, dry it gently with a soft cloth. Do not place it in direct sunlight in summer.
  • If, over time, the coating darkens or is erased by long use, or if you damage the surface of the item, we can repair it for you and the price for this service will be determined after we examine the piece.
  • To make it easier for you to use and store your beautiful and stylish objects purchased from us, we have prepared an article with instructions on how to take care of the products.

Time for production


If the cup is not available, the manufacturing time is 15 working days.



Give a present that will impress and will last a lifetime.

Make your choice and order an unforgettable and stylish present.

We will be happy to hear from you, if you have any questions. We could advise you about the present according to the occasion. We have clients from state institutions, banks, corporations, companies and individuals. They all trusted us and our experience.

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