• Cat No: 04071


Time for production

In the absence of availability, a minimum construction period of 14 days!

Please contact us to specify the production period.



Height 140mm; Diameter 100mm; Capacity 130ml; Material: wood: American dark walnut, metal: gold-plated 24K copper.

If you desired, we will make a brass plate on which we can write your message – 13 EUR


Although no one still knows how the sacred Grail looked, it is very often this cup is likened to it. Symbol of eternity and prosperity, of life and immortality, of abundance and fertility. They say that if one drinks from the Grail, he gains eternal youth, forgets about the diseases, and his sins are forgiven. Let this unique goblet bring prosperity to its owner!

If you desired, we can produce a goblet of different wood, for example: walnut, wenge, mahogany cherry etc. In addition to the wood, you can also choose the color.

This unique model beer mug is designed by the company, it is without analogy in Bulgaria. The owner can be sure that he is one of the few collectors owned by the unique series.

Attention! With frequent use and washing of the jug, there is a risk of breaking the integrity of fine gold and silver coatings. If the jug is intended for frequent use, it is preferable to order a work of massive noble metal - silver or gold. So your needs can be fully satisfied.





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