Red wine goblet (250 ml)

  • Cat No: 04021Au
A handmade goblet for wine with a silver and gold coating. A unique present for a church wedding ceremony, a special birthday or another happy occasion.


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Height – 120 mm;

Diameter – 105 mm;

Volume – 250 ml;


 Metal plaque with a message – 50 BGN.



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THE GOBLET, as most of our clients, call it.

It is an extraordinary goblet which captivates with its magic radiance. Enveloped by the soft and warm glow of the silver, it fills you with a desire to touch and possess it.


When you pour red wine into the glass, the radiance of the extra gold coating emphasizes its ruby colour, and the goblet shines with a fiery glow.

In shape, the goblet resembles the ‘holy grail’ - wide and open at the top, with a proportionate and short stem. The unique relief design is a trademark of our company. This cup, much liked and sought after, is one of the first models we created, more than 25 years ago.



The goblet is an ideal present for:


  • Wedding ceremony. With it, many young people have said their coveted ‘Yes’ in the church. It remains a memory of the day, as a symbol of health and unity in married life. Give the cup to your relatives or friends and we will help you include your personal message to them by writing a text on a metal plaque or by engraving it.
  • Special birthdayAnother occasion to give the wine goblet as a present is a special birthday of a friend, colleague or a relation. If you wish to greet and impress them, the goblet is a wonderful gift. With its magnificent appearance, it will remain a precious memory for a lifetime.
  • Rituals involving raising a toast. When you raise a toast and the goblet sparkles in your hand, everyone will be captivated by the solemnity of the moment. The magical power that radiates from it will attract everyone’s eyes.


Why should you choose this wine goblet for a present?


  • It is eternal. Give the goblet to your relatives or friends and it will remain a memory, not only for them but also for their children. This is because the materials from which we make it are eternal.
  • It is golden. Have you ever drunk wine from a golden cup? It becomes a real delight and acquires an unforgettable taste. The wonderful delicate scent gives invigorating freshness. Share this feeling with your friends and family.
  • It is stylish. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved one or a friend, this fantastic goblet will make a strong impression. Elegant, luxurious, with a wonderful design, the goblet embodies the mastery of ‘Zografov & Son’.

Make a gift that will impress and will last a lifetime.



What is the red wine goblet made of?


  • We make a goblet of copper. After the processing of the metal, it is silver-plated and gilded with 24K gold. The silver coating is made of pure 999.9 silver. It is light-sensitive and darkens over time. To preserve the lustre of the silver for longer, we varnish the silver-plated parts. The goblet will illuminate your home with its splendour for years to come. We do not varnish the gold, it does not change over time.
  • It is made by hand by pulling the metal, which is a very rare craft. This working technique differs from casting and electroplating and allows the walls of the cup to remain thin. As a result, the cup is light and elegant, and it can be used in everyday life.
  • The goblet has double walls. The inside is smooth and you can maintain it easily. The plastic motifs are draped by hand. The double walls maintain the temperature of your drink for a long time.


Make the gift even more personal


Take a look at the gallery in which we have collected sets of silver cups made for our clients.


  • Depending on the occasion for your present, we could make a set for you. For example, we could put two or more goblets and a bottle of magical, first-class wine in a luxury box.
  • We can make a metal plaque with your personal message, names, date, monogram or logo and place it in the box. We could help you choose the most appropriate font, tailored to the event and the recipient. In this way, your gift will not be anonymous. On the contrary, it will be personal and tailor-made for the recipient. This gesture emphasises your personal attitude and gives more emotional value to the gift.
  • The beautiful packaging captures the attention and increases the effect of the present. All our products are supplied in a luxury box tailored to the item. In it, we put a certificate by ‘Zografov & Son’ which guarantees the authenticity of the product. The box also contains a description of the item, as well as brief information about us. We tell you a little of our story and who we are. In this elegant package, we have added a beautiful catalogue with photos of some of our items. If you collect your order personally from our studio, you will have the luxury box in a branded bag. The product is ready for presenting.
  • Upon request, the goblet can be made of solid silver.


How to keep your cup beautiful?


We are happy to offer you our maintenance service to keep your ‘Zografov and son’ artwork in mint condition.

If, over time, the coating darkens or is worn by long use, or if you damage the shape of the item, please contact us. We can repair it for you and you can have it back in its previous pristine state. The price for this service will be determined after we examine the piece.

To maintain the perfect condition of any items bought from us, please have a look at the article with instructions on how to take care of the products.


Time for production


If the cup is not available, the manufacturing time is 7 working days.


Give a present that will impress and will last a lifetime.


Make your choice and order an unforgettable and stylish present.


We will be happy to hear from you, if you have any questions. We could advise you about the present according to the occasion. We have clients from state institutions, banks, corporations, companies and individuals. They all trusted us and our experience.

We answer all enquiries the same day.


You can write to us on Viber: tel. +359 887 697 228


We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Pursuant to our General Terms and Conditions, we will update our prices on the 1st day of every month. All orders placed before this date will not be changed and remain at the agreed price. For more information, please, do not hesitate to contact us at +359 887 697 228

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