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Height 120mm; Ф-105мм, 250ml


If you desired, we will make a brass plate on which we can write your message – 13 EUR


The cup is made of copper sheet by means of spinning. The outer side is coated with silver 999.9, and the inner side (where the drink is poured) is coated with 24K gold.

A hand-made wine goblet in which ancient and modern meet. In the Middle Ages, these goblets were traditionally used by the Templars for their rituals. Nowadays, using a goblet for this divine drink brings incomparable pleasure. The double walls allow the temperature of the wine to be maintained longer, which contributes to the richer taste of the drink.

This model is of exceptional value for our company as it is one of the first, and most successful, products that Zografov designed and made back in 1991. It has its varieties, with an extra golden finish or made of silver-plated copper, but has generally retained its shape to this day. It is often ordered for special birthdays as a present on its own or in a set with another goblet, combined with a bottle of wine and a personalized message.


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