• Cat No: 09071


Time for production

In the absence of availability, a minimum construction period of 10 days!

Please contact us to specify the production period.



Height 95mm; Diameter 80mm; Capacity 150ml; Approximate weight of silver 200g


The cup is made of wenge wood and silver 950


If you desired, we will make a brass plate on which we can write your message – 13 EUR


The whiskey cup can be made of different types of wood - walnut, wenge, cherry, oak, and others. We also offer a variety of colors - natural, brown / walnut, red, black, shades in blue and green and more. If you want, we can specify the type and color of the tree together!

The wood material is treated with a special technology that prevents it from drying out or swelling, following the instructions we have given. The process requires time to prepare, so this type of article has a longer working life. After the complete preparation of the wooden product is assembled with pre-made silver products. So the cup is completely finished.





General information

Did you know that when you hold the glass of whiskey in your hand, you warm the drink by touching it? There are different ways of consuming this drink, whether you prefer it cold with ice cloud or room temperature, we offer you a new sensation. We've created and made a new type of cup which you can keep in your hands without affecting the temperature of the beverage. The wood with which the cup is lined is a very good heat insulator and separates the state of the metal. Drinking a drink in such a cup will not change.  The feeling of warmth, peace of mind and relaxation in touch with the cup is unusual.

Meeting with friends, enjoyable surroundings, interesting conversations, a nice cigar flavor and a glass of amber whiskey in hand that has the perfect temperature .... yes, it really is a great relaxation after a busy day.

Even at a business meeting, difficult negotiations can be successful with creating a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Serve the right drink in a stylish whiskey cup, that will delight your partners.

 "Experiment to find the best way to enjoy your favorite whiskey" - Johnnie Walker.

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