For their clients, 'Zografov & Son' have introduced gift vouchers.

What is a 'Zografov & Son' voucher? This is a document that the client purchases at the price they decide upon, but no less than the value of the least expensive product in the Company's catalogue.

We introduced gift vouchers to help our clients who hesitate over what present to choose for their loved ones. People are often not sure of the choice, because of the great choice of products, materials and colours. 'I'm not sure whether they would like this cup... I'm not sure what they would prefer - silver or gold... whether it would match their interior...' and so on. If so, then you can buy a voucher for the amount you have prepared for this present, we write it on the voucher, put it in a luxury envelope and your present is ready. If they wish, your relation, friend or colleague, could visit our studio or choose an item from our website within 3 (three) months. If they like a product at a higher price, they pay only the difference.

This is a service that we think is useful for most of our clients.


The gift voucher is a document with a price written on it.

It is valid for 3 (three) months from the day of purchase.

It cannot be used for the purchase of other gift vouchers. The gift voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.

The gift voucher is for personal use only and cannot be used for commercial purposes (including resale).

The gift voucher does not have the guarantee coverage of a check, debit or credit card.

The gift voucher can be used to pay for goods at a higher price than its value with additional payment.

'Zografov & Son' shall not be responsible for any loss, theft or expired gift voucher, as well as for amounts used from it, without your knowledge.

'Zografov & Son' shall reserve their right to apply these rules to cases, connected with the law and security, and shall cancel the gift voucher if there are grounds for it, notified by the authorities.

'Zografov & Son' shall not refund the difference if the purchase is less than the value on the gift voucher.