Thracian treasures with noble coverings

Centuries ago, before Ancient Greece and Antique Rome, in the territories of today's Bulgaria, there lived people who left long-lasting traces for generations ahead. The Thracians’ culture, craftsmanship and art can be seen in all the artifacts we have found from those days. In the hope of transferring the age-old spirit onto our modern-day dishes, we admire and respect their skillfulness and dexterity. The antique replica dishes: jugs, phiales, kylix, wreath and plaques that display images of Thracian treasures are suitable as protocol, jubilee, luxury or corporate gifts. They bear the spirit of their time and leave a lasting memory.

For your convenience, we have used the term ‘replica of an antique dish’, which does not fit into the description of the world ‘replica’ in relation to the meaning of the Cultural and Historical Heritage Act. The proper phrase should be ‘a product for trade purposes’ under Ordinance No. Н-00-005 from 08 June 2010 about the terms and conditions of recreating copies, replicas and products of cultural treasures for trade purposes. Our company has contracts with all the museums whose original pieces we recreate.

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