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H-130 mm, F-100mm, 90ml, weight - 170g silver for one piece


If you desired, we will make a brass plate on which we can write your message – 13 EUR


The cups are made of silver 950 and rose-gold coating


Most of us are familiar with the Martini brand; an Italian cocktail, consisting of gin, vermouth and dry white wine. The exact proportion, however, is kept a strict secret by the firm of the Turin Teofilo Sola, Alessandro Martini and Luiggi Rossi, which was founded in 1863.
Nowadays, the cocktail is prepared in several different ways and with different ingredients, such as gin, vermouth and olive oil or a slice of lemon. However, gin can be replaced with vodka. Thanks to agent James Bond, who drinks it 'shaken, not stirred', this drink is known all over the world.
Martini is drunk from a high cone glass on a flat base.
We at 'Zografov & Son' have created a model fully compliant with the requirements for this cocktail.





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