Silver water jug, 1.2 L

  • Cat No: 09081
Silver water jug, 1.2 L, partially coated with gold. A gift suitable for your family, parents or for personal use.


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  • Height – 210 mm;
  • Diameter – 120 mm;
  • Volume – 1200 ml;
  • Silver – 570g with a lid


Brass plaque with inscription – 12euro



The silver water jug has a capacity of 1.2 L. It has an extra lid to protect the liquid. If you keep water in the container for 12 hours, it will be saturated with a large amount of silver ions, which are highly beneficial for your health. To find out more about the beneficial properties of silver, please read the article ‘The miraculous properties of silver against viruses’.



The silver jug of 1.2 L is suitable for


  • Family gift. If there is a family celebration you want to mark by buying something special for your home, the silver jug is a suitable investment. It is not only a memory that will remain for generations, but also a useful item for the whole family. Water saturated with silver ions kills bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms.
  • A gift for your parents. ‘It’s our parents’ anniversary. What shall we give them?’ We've all asked ourselves this question. Give them a silver jug. They will be happy to drink water with antibacterial and antiparasitic action, from a beautiful dish, that will strengthen their immune system. Create joy for your loved ones.
  • A gift for yourself. Give yourself a silver jug. Take care of your health. Silver water is applied in the treatment of serious infectious diseases, it cleanses the blood from bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. And not only that, a silver jug is an investment. It is beautiful, with an elegant design and exquisite craftsmanship.


What is the jug made of?


We make the jug of sample 950 silver. The material is supplied by the Non-ferrous metals plant in Plovdiv and is provided with a quality certificate. All our silver items are marked in the NRA after a check of the purity of the silver is performed.

The jug has a classic oval shape, narrowing at its lower and upper ends. It's smooth, without ornaments or engravings. The handle is solid, attached to the body of the dish with silver solder. The lid is not connected to the jug, to make it easier to clean. We apply to gild in the form of strips around the middle, at the throat and at the lower edge of the jug. At your request, partial gilding may be cancelled; it does not affect the price.


To preserve the look of the items purchased from us, please read the instructions on how to take care of them.


How to personalise your gift


  • Combine the jug with silver cups. To make full use of your jug, add silver cups to it. We can offer you several models. If you have the opportunity, you will be very welcome to come to our studio to discuss all the details, such as type, volume, engraving etc. Or you could send your questions by email. Here is one of our suggestions:




  • Add a metal plaque with a personal message. When choosing a gift, make a personal gesture – create a short text dedicated to the person. We'll engrave it on a metal plaque. We'll put it in the luxury box with the gift. Your loved ones will highly appreciate the attention you have paid and the love you demonstrate.


If you want to make an investment or own this fantastic and practical cup, place an order now.

It is an excellent gift for a friend or a family member. Order online or call us if you need further information. We will be happy to help.


Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.  We can advise you on the type and occasion of the gift. We have many years of experience and we know how to do it. Our clients are state institutions, banks, corporations, companies and many individuals. They all trust our expertise.

We respond to each inquiry within a day.

Email or contact us via Viber at +359 887 69 7228

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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