Silver phiale with griffins

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The silver phiale with griffins and partial gold coating is a replica of an ancient Thracian treasure. Exquisite and stylish gift suitable for a business partner, foreign guest or a lover of Thracian values.




diameter: 220mm


Brass plaque with inscription – 12 Euro


Free shipping within Bulgaria.


The Rogozen treasure was discovered in 1986. It contains a significant amount of silverware, with the largest share of it being phiales – 108 pcs.  Each one is unique and has its own individual style.  They vary in shape, size and engravings. Archaeologists say the craftsmen who made them used various technologies and skills. The phiales were made within approximately 100 years, and they do not all come from the same region.

Griffons are fairy-tale creatures with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. They are said to be Zeus’ guard dogs and symbolize vigilance, strength, regality, courage and purity. They embody the retribution awaiting anyone who commits a crime.

Almost all of the Rogozen treasure is currently in the History Museum of Vratsa, where it is kept under special conditions.


The griffin phiale is suitable for


  • A gift for a business partner. When you make a gift to your business partner, choose an item that makes an impression and leaves a long-lasting memory. The griffin phiale is an original way to show respect and good feelings. This gift is related to our history and is of a high aesthetic value. Your thoughtfulness will be highly appreciated.
  • A gift for a foreign guest. It is especially appropriate to give a replica of an ancient dish to a foreigner. In this way, you give the world the opportunity to learn about the rich heritage left to us by the ancient people. Your gift will make a strong impression and be remembered.
  • A gift for lovers of Thracian values. Thankfully, there are many appreciators of the Thracian treasures. If you have a loved one who belongs to this group, give them a griffin phiale. It will delight and fascinate them, and they will remember your attention and good taste with gratitude.


Why give a replica of an ancient Thracian dish?


  • The noble material from which the phial is made is a valuable investment for future days.
  • If treasures could speak, what would they tell us about their journey through eternity? It's a story about the people who inhabited our lands, the wealth they left us, and the covenant to protect it. When you give a replica of a Thracian treasure, you give the public the opportunity to preserve our heritage and honour it.
  • Aesthetic value. Besides high historical value, the replicas of Thracian treasures stand out with their unique, elegant style, the result of our skills, careful selection of materials and precise craftsmanship. Such a gift is a real treat for your foreign guest, business partner or dear friend.


What is the griffin phiale made of?


We make the phiale of silver 950 pure. The ornaments, griffins and floral motifs, we forge by hand, following the technology of the ancient masters. We plate some of the details with 24K gold.


How to personalise your gift?


  • Combine the silver phiale with a silver jug. Combining a jug or two jugs with a phiale is a very good combination. Some examples are shown below.




The items complement each other, your gift is rich and impresses with the style, care and attention you have taken to prepare it.


  • Place a metal plaque with a personal message. To make your gift even more memorable, make it personal. Think of the person you will be giving it to, create a text specifically for them. We will write it on a metal plaque that will be placed inside a luxury box. In this way, the gift will bring additional joy, because it will show that you have taken the special time and attention to think, find it and personalise it to make it even more unique.


We do not put engravings, inscriptions or company signs on replicas of antique dishes.


How to keep the goblet beautiful


We are happy to offer you our maintenance service to keep your ‘Zografov and son’ artwork in mint condition.

  • We provide care and maintenance of all items purchased from us. Just give us a call.
  • Do not wash the cup in a dishwasher.
  • Do not damage its surface.




If you want to make an investment or own this wonderful and practical cup, place an order now.


It is a great gift for a friend or a family member. Order online or call us if you need further information. We will be happy to help.


Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.  We can advise you on the type and occasion of the gift. We have many years of experience and we know how to do it. Our clients are state institutions, banks, corporations, companies and many individuals. They all trust our expertise.

We respond to each inquiry within a day.

Email or contact us via Viber at +359 887 69 7228

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