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Н-65, Ф-125мм, 350ml  Approximate weight 230 g / silver


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The article is made of silver 950 

The Rogozen Treasure is silver Thracian treasure discovered in early 1986 in the village of Rogozen near Vratsa, Bulgaria. This is the biggest treasure of its kind found in Bulgaria. It contains 108 phiales, 54 jugs and 3 cups i.e. 165 items of high-grade silver, some of which are gold-plated.

Because of their distinct styles and make, it is believed that they were created in various places and periods, which widens the treasure's dating: from the end of the 6th to the first half of the 4th century BC. Supposedly, this treasure belonged to a noble Thracian family during the blooming of Thracian culture and kingdoms in the Balkan Peninsula.

Much of the Rogozen treasure is kept in the Regional History Museum in Vratsa and about 20 items are owned by the National History Museum in Sofia. The story goes that as some farmers were ploughing fields where the treasure was first found, their plough hit something hard. They stopped, climbed down, saw an item, picked it up and then did the same with the other 164 items.





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