Rakiya cup with embossed design

  • Cat No: 04023
Rakiya cup made of copper with silver and gold coating. A suitable present for the lovers of this strong drink, with and without a special occasion.


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The size of the cup is:


Height - 70 mm

Diameter - 50 mm

Volume - 60 ml



Metal plaque with a message – 50 BGN.



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The embossed rakiya cup is part of a group of cups with similar plastic. What is special about them are the double walls of the container. Made in this way, they maintain a constant temperature of the drink. A spectacular and beautiful cup is a great gift to make your loved one or friend happy for their celebration.


The embossed rakiya cup is a suitable present for:

  • Lovers of the strong drinkRakiya or brandy - as its name is better known in countries outside Bulgaria, belongs to the category of strong drinks. Many people appreciate its fiery breath and enchanting taste. Serve the amber drink in a stylish and beautiful brandy cup, which will emphasise the wonderful taste of the drink. Enjoy a fascinating evening in pleasant company and interesting conversations.
  • Happy occasionSet the mood for the celebrant. Give them a cup or cups for rakiya with an embossed design. Add a bottle of aged rakiya and your presents will shine, delight and remain a memory for a lifetime.
  • MemorySometimes we want to leave a memory for a friend or relative. Order two rakiya cups - one for you and one - for your friend. Every time you drink, you will think of each other, even when you are miles apart. Friends and beautiful memories remain when we cherish them with a little love.


Why should you choose this rakiya cup?


  • It is uniqueThe rakiya cup is unique because it is handmade. It is silver and gold plated. This makes it a valuable and attractive present that lasts a lifetime.
  • It is impressiveThe cup is beautiful and creates an exciting emotion. It impresses, delights and brings a good mood to its recipient. If you are looking for an unusual present, the rakiya cup with an embossed design is the right one.
  • It is a memory. When you give this rakiya cup, you give a piece of yourself. Your gesture of attention will remind the recipient of your generosity and respect for them.


What is this rakiya cup made of?


The cup is made by special technology. The main material is copper. The relief effect on the outside is achieved by folding the metal sheet entirely by hand. It is silver-plated with 999.9 pure silver and gilded with 24K gold. Silver is light-sensitive and can darken over time. In order to keep the shine of the cup for a longer time, we varnish the silver-plated parts. We do not varnish gold, as it does not change over time.


Personalise your present


  • Additionally, we can make a set of two or more cups or add a bottle of vintage rakiya in a luxury box. Please, have a look at the photos to get an idea of what the set will look like.


  • We can add a metal plaque with your personal message. We can engrave a short text on the bottom of the cup. The attention and respect you show in this way will be highly appreciated.


How to keep your cup beautiful?


  • We are happy to offer you our maintenance service to keep your ‘Zografov and son’ artwork in mint condition.
  • If, over time, the coating darkens or is worn by excessive use, or if you damage the surface of the item, please contact us. We can repair it for you and the price for this service will be determined after we examine the piece.
  • To make it easier for you to use and store your beautiful and stylish objects purchased from us, we have prepared an article with instructions on how to take care of the products.


 Time for production


If the cup is not available, the manufacturing time is 10 working days.


Give a present that will impress and will last a lifetime.


Make your choice and order an unforgettable and stylish present.


We will be happy to hear from you, if you have any questions. We could advise you about the present according to the occasion. We have had clients from state institutions, banks, corporations, companies and individuals. They all trusted us and our experience.


We answer all enquiries on the same day.


You can write to us on Viber: tel. +359 887 697 228


We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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