Welcome in Zografov and Son

28 years ago, when I founded the company, I would have never imagined that our work would be given to presidents, diplomats, actors and other celebrities from all over the world... I have always aimed to preserve the elegance and finesse of the details, to encapsulate all of my client's wishes and present them with the result they expect.

It fills me with pride to know I hail from a long, artistic family line and to know that my great-grandfather decorated St. Peter's Basilica in Rome; to feel the artistic spirit of my forefathers throughout the generations running through me.  I am pleased I have managed to share all the skills and knowledge with my son, in the same way, my predecessors did with me. His energy and talent as an artist have made our work a guarantee of class and good taste.

Our clients know that the ‘Zografov & Son’ label is a symbol of uniqueness and style.

And as Picasso once said: ‘Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.’

                                                                                                                                Nikolay Zografov


'We turn your gift into a wonderful emotional memory.'

Founded in 1991, ‘Zografov & Son’ is a family business for the design and manufacture of items from noble and non-ferrous metals and exotic wood. We make jewelled dishes to order: dishes, family treasures, souvenir replicas of antique treasure items, official protocol gifts, accessories for pipes and cigars, etc.

The technology we use is close to that of the ancient craftsmen, but enhanced with modern methods to achieve high quality and durability.

Among those owning 'Zografov' items are Angelina Jolie, Anatoly Karpov, Klaus Meine, Felix Baumgartner, Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, former and current heads of states such as Albert II, Vladimir Putin, Georgi Parvanov, Bronisław Komorowski, Nursultan Nazarbayev and Bill Clinton, to whom the Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation (CGDC) award, made by us in the shape of a globe, and designed by Lyubomir Zografov, was presented by President Petar Stoyanov.

Nikolay and Titsiana Zografovi founded the 'Zografov and Son' family business in 1991, and their son Lyubomir joined them later, after graduating from the Art Academy in 2008.


Nikolay's great-grandfather (and Lyubomir's great-great-grandfather) Bozhin-Emanoil Stimeniy Zograf, was an icon painter, who lived mostly in the 19th century and died in the 1920s.


The family tells stories about him and there is a good reason why: There are his icons in our country, in Macedonia, Greece, and even in St. Peter’s, in the heart of Rome. The interest in fine arts skipped two generations, but, at one point, the current Zografov is decided to search more actively for a portrait of him. They discovered the only existing one and now it hangs on the wall in their studio.



Bill Clinton and Zografov - family company

A special moment for our family company ... Bill Clinton gets the prize award