Jug of Rogozen treasure

  • Cat No: 0615
The jug of Rogozen treasure with silver and partial gold coating is a replica of an ancient Thracian dish, part of the Rogozen treasure. Exquisite and stylish gift suitable for a business partner, foreign guest or for an anniversary of your close person.


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  • height – 210 mm;
  • diameter – 120 mm;
  • volume – 1200 ml;


Brass plaque with inscription – 12euro



The original jugs of the Rogozen treasure are very small, most of them are about 10-12 cm high. Archaeologists give different interpretations of their application. It is believed that the Thracians used them as units of measurements (doses). They were used to scoop wine from a larger dish and pour it into the phiales. According to another hypothesis, people at the time were significantly smaller than us, and therefore their dishes were smaller than the ones we use nowadays.

Whatever the reason, the products they made are a real work of art.

We increased their size but kept the shape. In this way, our jugs can be used for storing water or wine.


The 1.2 L jug is suitable for


  • A gift for a business partner. Especially when you want to make a strong impression, you can combine it with two cups of the same engraving. This will provide you with an impressive gift that will definitely be accepted with a standing ovation.
  • Gift for a colleague. The water jug with motifs from the Rogozen Treasure is a wonderful gift to express your gratitude to a long-time colleague. Your gift will impress them and leave a lasting memory.
  • An anniversary gift. There are many occasions for gifts, but when the event is an anniversary, the gift must be even more special to be remembered for a long time. The 1.2 L jug with motifs from the Rogozen Treasure is a beautiful gift that arouses admiration and remains a wonderful memory.


What is the jug made of?


We make the jug of copper. It has a pure silver coating and a partial 24K gold plating.

We increased its size and its volume is 1.2 L. We kept the shape of the original, the bottom is narrowed and it smoothly passes into a low conical stem. It expands upwards, and the transition is highlighted with a gilded edging. The handle is solid and is attached to the neck and the centre of the dish. On the body of the jug, there is a delicate frieze of parallel lines. Manual craftsmanship allows us to refine every detail.

Water can be poured in and drunk from the jug, but if you use it often, the silver layer will be compromised by the salts and minerals contained in the water. If you wish to use the dish daily, please check out the model made of sample 950 silver.


How to personalise your gift


  • Combine the jug with cups. If you want to make a memorable gift, we suggest you combine the water jug with two cups containing the same embossed motifs. The gift will make a strong impression.   Please, have a look at our suggestion:




Thus created, your gift is rich and demonstrates care and attention.

  • Add a metal plaque with a personal message. We'll engrave your message on a metal plaque and put it in a luxury box with the gift. The attention and respect you show in this way will be highly appreciated.


How to keep the jug beautiful


We are happy to offer you our maintenance service to keep your ‘Zografov and son’ artwork in mint condition. Please, read the instruction.

If you want to make an investment or own this wonderful and practical jug, place an order now.

Order online or call us if you need further information. We will be happy to help.


 Manufacturing time


 If the jug is not available at the moment, we can make one for you within 20 working days.



Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.  We can advise you on the type and occasion of the gift. We have many years of experience, and we know how to do it. Our clients are state institutions, banks, corporations, companies and many individuals. They all trust our expertise.

We respond to each inquiry within a day.

Email or contact us via Viber at +359 887 69 7228

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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