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All articles manufactured by 'Zografov & Son' are hand-made. This makes them unique because there are never two absolutely identical items, even of the same design.

This is why custom-made products, especially the ones made of wood, may differ in some small details (e.g. wood pattern) compared to the catalog pictures.

 Brief information on materials used and the technology:




The silver used is a thin sheet bought from a licensed manufacturer who issues a valid 950 fineness certificate.

The silver sheet is subjected to multiple temperature changes and is pulled by spinning onto a steel mold to obtain the desired shape.

Some elements (most often the decoration) are forged and/or engraved.

The finished product is ground (rough polishing), polished (fine polishing) and finished (the finest polishing to shine) until the final product is obtained.



Copper is treated in a similar fashion to silver; after grinding and polishing it is silver- (99.99% silver) and/or gold- (24K gold) coated in a specialized laboratory. This ensures even and high-quality coverage.

Coating of the vessels with silver or gold is carried out in several stages. With the help of special varnishes, the places for gold-coating are protected first, then the silver-coating is done and, after that, the gold coating is applied. For these objects, the final stage is varnishing to preserve the initial shine of the coating for longer.





For our products, we use various types of dry, exotic wood such as walnut, mahogany, wenge, niangon, ebony and others.

Wood is a living material that 'breathes' and varies according to weather conditions. This makes the processing longer and more complicated. The wood is cut into small boards and left for a while to relax. The small boards are then glued into tiles and crafting begins until it reaches the desired shape and size of the required wood element.

The shaping of the final look is done by pickling, depending on the colour desired by the customer. Then the product is primed and varnished to prevent the wood from absorbing moisture.

The finished wood and metal elements are assembled to form the desired product.





The souvenir-replicas that 'Zografov & Son' produce are vessels resembling the real antique objects. They are made without direct contact with the artifacts and are of different sizes compared to the originals.

We use a technology close to that of the ancient masters, but improved by us with some modern methods to achieve the excellent quality of the end product and a long-lasting effect.

Pursuant to the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation, 'Zografov & Son' have signed contracts with all the museums whose originals they reproduce.




By sending an order through the site or by e-mail, the client expressly confirms that they accept:

(1) The general sale terms and conditions of 'Zografov & Son' and

(2) the obligation to pay in due time.

Any additional modifications (design, quantities, materials, production deadlines, price, etc.) shall be agreed in writing before the commencement of the work.

Orders are confirmed in writing by 'Zografov & Son'. Order confirmations contain the description of the products, quantity, price and deadlines.

The work on the order shall begin after receipt of the advance payment.




Payments for ordered items are made in the following ways:

  • with cash on delivery
  • with a payment order to a bank. When paying with a payment order, use the following data:

UniCredit Bulbank AD



Zografov & Son Ltd

in cash at a place in the studio

For payment "ZOGRAFOV & SON" Ltd. issues an invoice, which contains the data about purchased products.




Delivery within Bulgaria is free and is carried out by the SPEEDY courier company. If the client prefers a different courier, the delivery shall be at their expense.

Deliveries outside Bulgaria are provided by FedEx. The price is paid by the client.




What is a present without its luxury packaging, without the emotion of unpacking; all those details that make the experience unforgettable? We strive to build and improve our packaging all the time. We provide you with a completely-finished present, ready to fulfill its purpose - to give people joy.

All 'Zografov & Son' products are available in luxury packaging that is consistent with the contents (material, colour, shape, volume, number, etc.). The price of the packaging is included in the price of the products.

If you would like us to combine different items in a set, you need to specify in your order which products you want to be included, and we will design and produce suitable packaging for it.






In order to enjoy our products for a long time, you must take care of them and follow this advice:

  1. Never wash products made of precious metals or noble wood in a dishwasher!
  2. Never put the items in a microwave!
  3. Over time, silver vessels begin to darken because the metal is very pure (950 fineness) and interacts with the environment, covering the surface with a thin oxide layer.

If you notice a change in colour or shine, you can regain the original look by intensively rubbing the surface with a soft cotton cloth. You will immediately see a difference between the newly-cleaned area and the remaining surface. This is how people used to clean their silverware every week in the past.


Vessels that are not of solid noble metal but have only silver and/or gold coatings can be used, but with frequent use, a portion of the noble layer wears out faster and the basic metal can be seen. Therefore, our recommendation is that these vessels are not used every day. If you use these vessels, you should only wash them by hand, without harsh detergents, and gently dry them off immediately with a soft cloth.

Products made of a combination of wood and metal require special care. They can be washed under running water, but not left to soak. Dry the product by hand immediately after washing. Do not dry forcibly, for example - with a hair-dryer, on a heater or directly exposed to the sun. Wood is a living material that shrinks when heated or placed in a very dry environment and swells when soaked or exposed to excess moisture. The result of placing the articles in such extreme conditions can be the cracking of the wood or the occurrence of a gap at the joints with the metal elements.




'We turn your gift into a wonderful emotional memory.'



Founded in 1991, ‘Zografov & Son’ is a family business for the design and manufacture of items from noble and non-ferrous metals and exotic wood. We make jeweled dishes to order: dishes, family treasures, souvenir replicas of antique treasures items, official protocol gifts, accessories for pipes and cigars, etc.




Production times in the 'Zografov & Son' on-line catalog are approximate.

The specific production time for each order is subject to confirmation by 'Zografov & Son' and depends on whether changes have been made to the product's specification from the catalog (materials, design, packaging, personalization, etc.) as well as on our current workload.

For express orders, the production time must be agreed in advance with 'Zografov & Son'.




For each product, the company issues a quality certificate that guarantees the origin of the item, the quality of the workmanship and the quality of the materials. In this certificate, you can find useful information on how to preserve your present for longer in its original form. You will also find the size and capacity of the vessel you own.

'Zografov & Son' stand behind the quality of all products bearing their name. All items of the company are stamped with special stamps confirming quality and origin, even when the certificates are lost or damaged.