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What kind of gift should we choose for a business partner

What kind of gift should we choose for a business partner






The practice of business gifts has existed for many years. Ever since trade began to develop, people have been making gifts to each other to mark a good deal. Historical sources from the Middle Ages show evidence of the exchange of gifts between rulers to strengthen treaties and armistices.

Gifts have gone all the way through history to this day, and giving gifts has become a natural gesture of respect and esteem.

Most of you are probably faced with this task every year. What to give your business partner? You need to remember what you have given them so far so you don’t duplicate the gifts.

And should gifts be given every year? Let's see what the experts have to say about this.



Why should we give a gift?


Leah Ingram, an etiquette specialist, says: ‘There are two very real reasons to buy business gifts that are not necessarily warm and fuzzy. One is obviously to thank someone for their business for the year. The other is to make sure you remain top of mind, and to get your name in front.’

Very well said. Making a gift to a business partner, distributor, supplier, generally speaking to the person you work with, is an act of rapprochement that strengthens the relationship. Let's not forget that gifts are not only a nice gesture, but also a smart approach and good business manners.





Adrian Furnham, a psychologist at University College London, says: ‘The motivation of the giver is just as important as the gift itself. The desire to make a unique gift, and make people impressed by it, is the way to create a good image in their minds.’


Is there a price range for a good gift?


Experts say that people find it more difficult to choose a gift than to decide what budget to spend. When you look for the right gift and find it, then you decide how much to spend. There is no rule regarding the price range, everyone determines the value themselves.


How to choose the right gift?


Eugene Fram, professor of marketing at the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, says, ‘People remember unique gifts, especially those that show them you're familiar with the things they do or like.’





Unique whiskey cup. Made of solid, exotic wood and copper with 24K gold plating



If the person to whom you make a gift likes to rest after a hard day's work, with a drop of fine malt whisky, this unique cup will be just right for them.


The first thing you need to do is to try to find some more information about your business partner. What they like, what their habits are, what they like to do in their free time, what their hobbies and interests are, etc. Your next step is to look at the market; what it offers and which items are closest to the person’s interests. When you choose something, you should try to imagine the reaction such a gift would inspire; whether the person would like it, where they could place it, and whether it would match the interior. All the questions you ask yourself should be through the person’s eyes. If you manage to answer most of them positively, then this is the gift. Do not hesitate.

The giver gives a part of themselves and expects the recipient to show attention and respect to the work and time spent on the gift.


You should follow business etiquette when making a gift


It is important to note that there is business etiquette in the preparation and presentation of gifts, that must be observed. It is necessary to follow the rules so as not to disturb your relationship with your partners.

In their desire to be noticed, people very often buy items that they like themselves and do not think about the other party, the person to whom they want to make a gift. It is not uncommon for gifts to be awkward, to say the least. Giving underwear, clothes, cosmetics or household appliances does not speak of good taste. Can you give a painting as a gift? You should answer a few questions first. Does your business partner like paintings? What genre, what colours do they prefer? Where will they hang it? Would the painting match the interior of their home or office? The same goes for icons. Religion is a personal choice and you can go wrong. I don't think they are suitable gifts, unless you know the person’s preferences very well.






It is very important to check whether the person does not already have such an object or a similar one. I have an acquaintance who says they could open a gift shop to get rid of the countless inappropriate things they have been given. Almost every gift they have received, is repeated a few times. This usually happens when a new product appears on the market and everyone decides that they will be the only ones buying it.


When you have a foreign business partner


If your business partner is a foreigner, you need to research the culture, customs and laws of their country. Studying traditions, such as religion or lifestyle, will help you better choose the right piece of artwork for them.


Here are some good examples of business gifts




This is an award, created from the idea of a business entrepreneur for his foreign partner. After looking up some more information about the partner’s habits, he found out that the man was a passionate cyclist, and his dream was to cycle round the world.

The sphere is made of solid oak and brass gilded applications in the shape of the continents. It and the cyclist rotate in different directions, independent of each other. Symbolically - the cyclist travels round the world.


Each culture has its own fascinating traditions of giving gifts. They can differ significantly from ours. But they all reflect human goodwill, love and appreciation of others.


It is logical for a foreigner to look for a gift related to the history or traditions of the Bulgarians.

Replicas of Thracian treasures are usually on the list. These items are historically valuable to ourselves as well.






Replicas of dishes from the Rogozen treasure, a set of two jugs and a phiale with gryphons. Made of copper and with a silver coating of 999.9 and a partial gold coating of 24K


The souvenir replicas of original Thracian dishes come to life in a fairy tale of the life, rituals and beliefs of the people who lived at that time. Such a gift is highly valued by foreign partners.



To impress, you have to try to do something different


It would be good to focus on products that are made to order. In this way, you will be sure that you will not repeat the gift. You may like a unique product made especially for your business partner. You choose what it should look like, what material it should be made of, and what packaging it should be in. And something very important, you can order a metal plaque with an engraved personal message on it. It will be placed in a luxury box next to the gift. This gesture is appreciated by the people you give it to. They can see that you have chosen their gift carefully, not at the last minute.




silver cups



Attractive luxurious packaging adds value to the gift


It is very important to pay special attention to the packaging. This is the first thing that grabs attention. The elegant and luxurious box makes a great impression.





The topic of suitable gifts for business partners is endless. If you want to learn more or see some further examples, please visit our website: www.zografovart.com


You are very welcome to visit our studio or call us. We will be happy to advise you and help you choose the right gift. We have many years of experience in making protocol, business and company gifts.


At “Zografov and Son”, we aim to simplify and enhance the gift selection process, making it both easy and enjoyable. Whether you are searching for the ideal gift for a loved one or a corporate event, we have a rich variety of options that will impress every taste and preference. Should you desire, we are available to provide consultations and assistance in choosing the most suitable gift for your specific occasion.

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Walnut is a broadleaf tree widely distributed in the Balkans. Whiskey cups made of walnut have a rich, dark colour and a smooth texture that feels comfortable in the hand. The combination of materials, the warm and natural beauty of the walnut and the soft shine of the gold, attracts attention, magically enhancing the aesthetic, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication.

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Cherry whiskey cups have a warm, inviting look and are often used for special occasions. The combination with gold or silver accents completes the aesthetics of the wood.

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The preference of the colours and the wood from which the cups are made depends on our current mood. Just like listening to music or our desire to go out and meet friends or stay at home with our favourite drink depends on our current state of mind.

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Most people like to make a unique and remarkable gift. They are looking for one that makes the recipient feel special. An item which can relate to a memory of a friend or an important moment in someone's life, a gift made of quality materials, which will not be put on the shelf and forgotten, but will be given a special place so that it can always remind, who gave it.

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According to recent research by American biologists and epidemiologists, silver is able to cope with new viruses and bacteria, unlike most known antibiotics and antiseptics. It is therefore no surprise that silver water is set to become an antibacterial miracle.

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When you want to surprise your loved one, friend or colleague for their celebration, you could give them something original, memorable, personal and luxurious - something unique. The gratitude you will see in their eyes will make you happy.

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It is interesting and remarkable how much history and how many artifacts there are in a territory as small as Bulgaria. During each excavation, archaeologists find a piece of the life of our ancestors. We are a nation with a rich past, and that is priceless. All these discoveries made by archaeologists are changing scientists' perceptions of the oldest centers of human civilization. The historical artifacts prove that a civilization flourished on the territory of Bulgaria long before the Hellenic one. A culture existed which created items of high artistic value.

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The Rogozen Treasure was accidentally discovered in 1986 in the village of Rogozen, located in Northwestern Bulgaria near the city of Vratsa.

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Easter customs are highly cherished among Christians worldwide, and one of them is associated with eggs. The origin of this tradition is uncertain. Some say that the custom of colouring and giving eggs dates back to Ancient Egypt, Persia, Rome, China, and Greece.

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To create a unique emotion for your nearest and dearest or to reward your business partner, the desire to leave something for your children, for their children, even for people in hundreds of years, is an irreplaceable feeling and a strong motivation.

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Zografov and Son's masterwork of gold, silver and exotic wood has been handed down for generations by Andrea Puncheva

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When 26 years ago Nikolay Zografov decided to dedicate himself to his fine art, he did not anticipate that years later his creations would belong to presidents, diplomats, aristocrats, artists, and famous personalities from around the world. His talented hands sculpt perfect compositions from noble metals and exotic wood, transforming objects into true works of art.

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What makes us different is that we create positive emotions with each of our products. We deliver joy wrapped in a smile and kind words.

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