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The 50-th birthday is an important moment in every person's life, because it notes the maturity and wisdom accumulated over the years. It is a new stage, a new life line filled with wisdom, dignity and confidence from what has been achieved so far. People who reach this age know what they want from life and they know how to achieve it. They are more patient and mature and feel they deserve such a special gift.



  1. Know the person's interests

This will help you sort the products that are of value to your friend and focus on products that are really related to their interests. Choose a product that corresponds to the person's hobbies and try to personalize it - with a special message or have it specially designed for their 50th birthday. Involving emotion in the process of choosing a gift always touches and impresses. Remember your own special day. What was the thing that most impressed and pleased you?



  1. Choose something that will always remind him of you and his special day

Birthdays are special moments and occasions to bring all your love and respect to a person by offering them a present that will remain a precious memory. Everyone who celebrates the birthday sees that they have reached a certain age and the special presents are those that return them to that special moment. Choosing a unique present is the best solution. However, this requires taste and tact. Make an effort and find a fine gift that will really impress.

  1. Make them feel special.

People love to have precious things that are created with emotion and thought, that bring energy and message, and birthdays are the perfect occasion to put all this into one object. Such items might not be cheap, but their value goes far beyond their price. A 50-th birthday is a symbol of wisdom and stability. It deserves to be honoured with an eternal present that will be treasured through the generations This will also bring emotion to you, because what really makes us happy is the feeling that we have truly honoured someone.



  1. Be unique with what you have chosen

One of the worries when choosing a gift is whether it will clash with someone else’s present. Therefore, you should seriously consider the personalization option. This is a very important part of the present and it guarantees that your message and the emotion you have put into it will be unmatched and unique. Personalization can be done in various ways; personal words accompanying your present, or unique craftsmanship addressing the birthday person. Whatever you choose, think about the value it will bring and the emotion it will stir in your friend.

  1. Forget about the 'money in an envelope' present

When we cannot choose a suitable present, we often fall back on the 'money in an envelope' option. But what does that really say? 'I didn’t have time to choose a present for you...', 'I don’t know what you’re interested in...', 'Maybe you need money...' Please don’t forget you are choosing a birthday present and such an option might be quite offensive to the birthday person. The birthday is an occasion that demands a special present that will show your feelings to the person and your attitude to them.



If you are looking for a unique, precious, personalized present, full of positive energy for a 50-th birthday, we have two suggestions depending on your loved one’s interests.

Luxurious whiskey cup

Hand-made of walnut and 24K gold-plated spun copper sheet, which gives it its perfect shape.
The wood is processed by special technology. Besides the walnut, the wood can be wenge, niangon, mahogany or other exotic wood.


Ever since ancient times, it has been thought that every item we give as a present, brings energy that can affect man both in a positive and negative direction. Besides showing our attitude towards the person, we also give them part of our energy and the thoughts that we have put into their gift. The materials from which the gifts are made have their meaning and are often a symbol of the person's age. Do not choose gifts of fragile material because, as you know, broken presents bring unhappiness. Choose hard and vital material, such as wood. According to Feng shui, wood can enhance a person's mind and stability, creating a sense of calmness and comfort, and help restore their strength.


Luxury packaging for an ultimate experience

We know what emotion the unpacking of a present brings, and how important all the small details of luxury and beauty are.

All our products are available in luxurious packaging, tailored to the shape and colours of the cup to give a complete finish to the overall impression.
The packaging is included in the price of the item.

You can also add a card with a personal message and greeting, which will further enhance the feeling of the special moment.



There is a risk of damage to the surface of the fine gold and silver coatings if exposed to too-frequent use and/or abrasive washing.

If the item is intended to be used frequently, we recommend that you order it in solid silver or gold. This is how your needs can be fully satisfied.



The ritual of holding a drink in your hand that relieves tension is a favourite of almost everyone because:

  It is an occasion to share time with our loved ones.
  It is connected with the sense of freedom.
  It is a symbol of our personal satisfaction with our successes.
  It is a sign of the end of a busy period.
  It's a reason to stay alone with our thoughts.



Who are we?

Clients who bought this product also purchased:

'I came across 'Zografov & Son' when I was looking for a birthday present for a very close friend of mine. At first glance I was impressed by the originality, the craftsmanship and the high value that the gifts of 'Zografov & Son' bear.

The perfect present for my friend's birthday was a wine goblet - an exquisitely crafted and beautiful item. When my friend received the present, he was so impressed and extremely happy to have such a valuable piece of art.

I'll never stop recommending the Zografovs' beautiful presents because they know what they are doing and they are doing it in the best possible way!'

- Nelly Ivanova

'I heard about 'Zografov & Son' after seeing them on Gala's TV show where they were invited. It was a wonderful coincidence as at that time I was looking for a special present for a close friend of mine. I immediately went to their online shop and, when I looked through it, I was very impressed with the quality of every item there! I chose a whiskey cup which matched my friend's character and interests so well. When I was presenting him with my gift, I felt terrific as I saw the surprise and excitement in his eyes.

I think 'Zografov & Son' presents are the best choice when somebody means a lot to you. I definitely recommend the luxurious gifts of 'Zografov & Son' and I am sure they will meet all your requirements and expectations!'

- Zhivko Vasilev

'I heard of 'Zografov & Son' in an interview which I came upon by accident. I was quite impressed, as their vision of the products fully responded to my wish to give a unique and valuable present for the birthday of a friend I loved. My first impression was the unmatched craftsmanship, grace and splendour of the 'Zografov & Son' products. Without much hesitation, I picked a rakiya cup, because the drink would be in something like a holy goblet.

When I saw the real present, my expectations were completely satisfied, and the reaction of the birthday person was impressive - I managed to leave him speechless with the unexpected gift.

If I have to describe the products of 'Zografov & Son', I would say that they are memories for eternity, symbols of nobility. Each of their luxurious presents is suitable for real celebrations in everyone's life, birthdays, weddings, christenings. I would heartily recommend 'Zografov & Son' and wish them continued success!'

- Maria Toneva

When you want to surprise your loved one, friend or colleague for their celebration, you could give them something original, memorable, personal and luxurious - something unique. The gratitude you will see in their eyes will make you happy.

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It is interesting and remarkable how much history and how many artifacts there are in a territory as small as Bulgaria. During each excavation, archaeologists find a piece of the life of our ancestors. We are a nation with a rich past, and that is priceless. All these discoveries made by archaeologists are changing scientists' perceptions of the oldest centers of human civilization. The historical artifacts prove that a civilization flourished on the territory of Bulgaria long before the Hellenic one. A culture existed which created items of high artistic value.

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‘There are two very real reasons to buy business gifts that are not necessarily warm and fuzzy. One is obviously to thank someone for their business for the year. The other is to make sure you remain top of mind, and to get your name in front.’

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According to recent research by American biologists and epidemiologists, silver is able to cope with new viruses and bacteria, unlike most known antibiotics and antiseptics. It is therefore no surprise that silver water is set to become an antibacterial miracle.

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Рогозенското съкровище е открито случайно през 1986г в с. Рогозен. Селото се намира в Северозападна България, близо до гр. Враца.

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Великденските обичаи са много почитани сред християните по цял свят. Единият от тях е свързан с яйцето. Не е известно от кога датира тази традиция. Някои казват, че яйцата са се боядисвали и раздавали още в Древен Египет, Персия, Рим, Китай и Гърция.

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To create a unique emotion for your nearest and dearest or to reward your business partner, the desire to leave something for your children, for their children, even for people in hundreds of years, is an irreplaceable feeling and a strong motivation.

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If you have the chance to visit the museum in Vratsa, you will come upon an incredible sight: dozens of small dishes, placed in special chambers, as if telling you their own story. Their splendid detail sparkles in the dark, and we can only marvel at how they were made by the ancient craftsmen

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Did you know that there are people who prefer their name days to their birthdays? Our name day symbolizes the energy that is encoded in our name. It is part of our individuality and, like the birthday, defines us in the world. Even if we regard this day as a celebration of many people with the same name, it is also an occasion to unite with them and experience a common emotion of the positive energy and good wishes we receive. When choosing a name day present, you need to bear in mind the following....

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Майсторските изработки на „Зографов и син“ от злато, сребро и екзотична дървесина се предават от поколения от Андреа Пунчева

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Знаете ли, че българските археолози наричат откритието на Рогозенското съкровище “Находката на века”. Една от причините е, че е най-голямото, намирано у нас, дори казват и в Европа.

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Когато преди 26 години Николай Зографов решава да се посвети на своето фино изкуство, той не предполага, че след години творенията му ще принадлежат на президенти, дипломати, аристократи, артисти и известни личности от цял свят. Талантливите му ръце извайват съвършени композиции от благородни метали и екзотична дървесина, превръщайки предметите в истински произведения на изкуството.

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Любомир Зографов пред Bulevard.bg - за наследствения занаят да изработваш подаръци за ценители, Светия граал като вдъхновение и умението да впечатлиш дори Бил Клинтън

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Тoва, което ни прави различни, е че ние създаваме положителни емоции с всеки наш продукт. Поднасяме радост, облечена в усмивка и добра дума.

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