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Н-100, Ф-80мм, 120ml


If you desired, we will make a brass plate on which we can write your message – 13 EUR


The vessel is made of copper with  999.9 silver and 24K gold coating


Centuries before ancient Greece and ancient Rome, in the lands of Bulgaria, there was a people who left lasting traces for generations. The culture, craftsmanship and art of the Thracians can be seen in every artifact discovered today. Worshipping their skills and dexterity, we try to reproduce the ancient vessels in modern items and to bring the spirit of the past into today's modern world. The replicas of antiquities, jugs, phiales, a kylix, a wreath, as well as plaques with images of the Thracian treasures, are suitable for protocol, birthday, luxury and corporate presents. They carry the spirit of the time and leave a lasting memory.





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