‘Rogozen Treasure’ wine jug with lotuses 350ml

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A silver-plated wine jug, a replica of an ancient Thracian jug found in the village of Rogozen. A beautiful and stylish present perfect for a business partner, a foreigner or a Thracian treasure lover.


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Height – 160 mm;

Diameter – 80 mm;

Volume – 350 ml;


 Metal plaque with a message – 35 BGN.


The Rogozen treasure is the largest Thracian treasure discovered, not only in Bulgaria but also on the Balkan Peninsula. A local found it in his field. Fearing that his land would be all dug up, he did not initially announce the find. A year later, however, he informed the mayor of the village, who informed some prominent archaeologists and they explored the site. Fortunately, they found about a hundred other dishes as well, and in 1986, the discovery of those priceless items became known around the world: 108 phiales, 54 jugs and 3 cups or a total of 165 high-grade silver items, some of which were gilded.

Most of the artefacts are currently in the Vratsa Museum in a hall specially designed for their preservation.


The Rogozen jug is perfect for:

  • A business present. The Thracian treasure replicas are in high demand as business presents. They have a high aesthetic and historical value. If you would like to make a statement, we suggest you choose a jug similar to that of the great Thracian ruler Kotis I, with whom the prosperity of the Odrysian kingdom is associated. Your gesture will be highly appreciated.
  • A present for a foreigner. If you want to impress your foreign guest or a business partner, one of the most suitable presents for them are replicas of antique dishes. To the unique gift, you can add information about the ancient Thracian people who inhabited our lands, about their spirituality and culture, and the innumerable treasures left to us as a legacy that we must preserve. The presents related to our history will be remembered for a long time.
  • A present for ancient Thracian lovers. If you are looking for a gift for a history and archeology lover, you should give them a replica of the Thracian treasure dishes. An item, which has gathered all the wealth and splendour of the ancient world in itself, is a present that will evoke truly joyful emotions. The recipient will appreciate the gift, will use it for a long time and it will remind them of your gesture of attention.


Why should you give a replica of an ancient Thracian vessel?

  • History. When you present a replica of an ancient Thracian vessel, you give the recipients the opportunity to preserve the heritage of an ancient people who created a unique treasure and bequeathed it to us to preserve it and pass it on to future generations.
  • Value. Apart from their high historical value, the Thracian treasures replicas stand out with their unique style. Their elegance and grace are the results of our skills, the right choice of material and precise handwork. Such a present is priceless.


What is the jug with lotuses made of?

We make the jug of copper using technology similar to that of the ancient masters. We apply this style of work to reproduce the objects as closely as possible to the appearance of the originals, but we also use modern tools.

Manual work helps us to refine every detail and ornament of the item.

After we finish making the jug, we silver-coat it and then gild individual parts of it. To preserve its shine for a longer period of time, we apply a layer of colourless varnish that protects the silver from rapid patination when in contact with the air.


How to personalise your present

  • You could combine the grooved jug with a phiale. There are variants in which the combination of a jug or two jugs with a phiale is a very interesting combination. Examples are shown below.


  • Place a metal plaque with a personal message. To make your gift even more memorable, make it personal. Think of the person you will be giving it to, create a text specifically for them. We will write it on a metal plaque that will be placed inside a luxury box. In this way, the gift will bring additional joy, because it will show that you have taken a special time and attention to think, find it and personalise it to make it even more unique.

We do not place engravings, inscriptions or company signs on the replicas of antique vessels.


  • Beautiful packaging is very important. We offer the gold cognac cup in a luxurious box. It comes with a certificate issued by ‘Zografov and Son’. It guarantees the authenticity of the product. The box also contains a description of the item, as well as brief information about us. We tell you a little of our story and who we are. In the elegant packaging, we add a beautiful leaflet with photos of some of our items. In the cases when you receive your order in our studio, we put the luxury box in a branded bag. The product is ready for presenting.


How to keep the jug with lotuses beautiful


  • We are happy to offer you our maintenance service to keep your ‘Zografov and son’ artwork in mint condition.
  • If, over time, the coating darkens or is worn by long use, or if you damage the shape of the item, please get in touch with us. We can repair it for you and have it back in its previous pristine state. The price for this service will be determined after we examine the piece.
  • To maintain the perfect condition of any items bought from us, please have a look at the article with instructions on how to take care of the products.


Time for production


  If the Rogozen jug is unavailable, the manufacturing time is 10 working days.


 Give a present that will impress and will last a lifetime.


 Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.  We can advise you on the type and occasion of the gift. We have many years of experience and we know how to do it. Our clients are state institutions, banks, corporations, companies and many individuals. They all trust our expertise.


We respond to each inquiry within a day.


 Email or contact us via Viber at +359 887 69 7228


 We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Pursuant to our General Terms and Conditions, we will update our prices on the 1st day of every month. All orders placed before this date will not be changed and remain at the agreed price. For more information, please, do not hesitate to contact us at +359 887 697 228

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