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The miraculous properties of silver against viruses

The miraculous properties of silver against viruses



Medicine is the art of imitating the healing power of nature. - Hippocrates




What are viruses? Invaders in our bodies, conveniently located in suitable cells. They cannot exist on their own, but need a good environment. Once the cells let them in, the viruses replicate. After that, they usually kill their hosts and look for new ones.

Vaccines and antiviral drugs have already been developed for some of them. With the development of medicine, the world is able to fight many infections. Unfortunately, new ones are emerging, against which there is still no protection. Like the unknown-so-far coronavirus.

Hygiene is a universal protection against not only COVID, but also all diseases. Frequent hand washing, frequent airing of rooms, healthy lifestyle, tea, honey and other healthy foods and drinks are needed.


According to recent research by American biologists and epidemiologists, silver is able to cope with new viruses and bacteria, unlike most known antibiotics and antiseptics. It is therefore no surprise that silver water is set to become an antibacterial miracle.



What are the beneficial properties of silver?


The antiseptic properties of silver were discovered by the Swiss botanist Carl Wilhelm von Nageli in the late 19th century. He noticed that silver ions attack microorganisms and kill them.

Silver nanoparticles enter the viral genome and block the spread of the infection.

Scientists from the University of Arkansas have studied the effect of silver ions on living organisms and report that colloidal silver kills bacterial and viral parasites quickly, without harming human health in any way.

After a number of studies and observations on the activity of silver ions on bacteria, it has been found that this metal not only protects but also has a beneficial effect on the healing process of the body. Bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms die within minutes of their contact with silver ions. This finding helps in the development of effective antibiotics to combat the microscopic protein invader.


How are the properties of silver used against the coronavirus?


Bulgarians from the ‘Angel Kanchev’ University in Ruse contributed to the fight against COVID-19 by inventing a mask with a nano-coated filter. The scientists found that their invention not only protected against the insidious virus, but also killed it.




In Japan, public transport is disinfected with a silver solution to limit the coronavirus epidemic. The Japanese government says it has been proven to be effective against flu infections.




Silver ions are used on the Mir space station to disinfect drinking water.



What is silver water used for?

  • It is a natural disinfectant.
  • Silver water is used in the treatment of serious infectious diseases.
  • It is useful for both drinking and external wound disinfection.
  • It strengthens the body's immune system.
  • It has antibacterial and antiparasitic action.
  • It purifies the blood.
  • It has the ability to kill bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms.


What is the difference between colloidal silver and silver water?


Colloidal silver contains extremely small silver nanoparticles that do not dissolve in water. This solution is obtained by electrolysis. Only minimal amounts should be drunk of it - no more than one teaspoon a day, for no longer than 4-5 days. You should be careful with the amounts, because excessive accumulation of silver can lead to side effects.


Silver water contains ionized silver atoms. It is obtained through mixing water with silver ions. The resulting solution is not as concentrated as that of colloidal silver. You can drink between 200 to 400 ml of it per day.

To make your own solution, simply pour water into a silver dish and leave it for 24 hours. The silver ions are extracted and mix with the water. The result is a ready-to-drink solution. The resulting silver water does not have such a high concentration as in colloidal silver and you can drink one or two glasses a day. You should not forget to drink plain water too.



The antibacterial properties of silver have been known to humans since ancient times


People have long known of the magical powers of silver. They put it in water to purify it. They ate from silver bowls.

Most ancient antique dishes were made of silver or gold. As we know, the Rogozen treasure consists of 165 silver jugs and phials.





The ‘father of medicine’, Hippocrates, described the healing power of silver in his writings. He used it to heal wounds and other conditions.

In ancient times, silver dishes were an integral part of people's daily lives. They ate from silver, drank from silver, wore silver, and were treated with silver. They knew its healing properties and used it constantly.

Even today, many people feed young children with a silver spoon.

If you give your child water from a silver cup, it will not have stomach pains (colics).



How much silver water should you to drink daily and from what?


If you store water in a silver container, the recommended dose is one or two glasses, or about 300-400 ml, per day.

The container in which you pour water must be high in silver, sample 950. It is not advisable to drink from a container with a low content, especially when you do not know with what metal the sample was obtained. This can harm your health.

If you do not have the opportunity to make a silver solution, you can use a silver cup from which to drink plain water daily. The minimum amounts of silver deposited will purify and disinfect the liquid.



What is a high-grade silver?


Pure silver has a sample of 1,000. However, it does not exist in free form. The closest to this purity is sample 999.9.





This is pure silver without any other impurities. Unfortunately, in this state, the metal cannot be processed because it is very soft and easily bent. Therefore, other alloys are added, usually copper or nickel. For dishes from which water is drunk, it is recommended that the silver is sample 950. This means that the silver content is 95%.



Where can I find dishes of high-quality silver?


To protect yourself from flu in the winter, we recommend drinking water from silver cups and jugs with a high content of sample 950 silver. Silver water will help you against bacteria and protect your body from many diseases.





Silver cup for everyday use. You can drink water from it when you are up in the mountains, in the office or at home. It is always with you. 

When you drink water from a silver cup, you can taste pure mountain stream with nature in your cup.







Silver jug of 1.2 L. It is a convenient container to keep silver water.


Do you know why rich people have been saved from epidemics throughout human history? Because they ate from silver dishes with silver cutlery and drank from silver cups.





Save your health and the health of your loved ones.


A silver dish for daily use, a jug in which to store silver water or just a beautiful silver cup. Not only is silver useful, it will stay in your family forever, just as silver treasures remain from the past to the present.


All our dishes bear our company’s seal, a seal of the silver sample and the seal of the laboratory of the National Revenue Agency, which certifies the purity of the material.


Please, have a look at our silver cups and jugs on our website: www.zografovart.com

Choose the item you like and order it. It will protect you from diseases caused by viruses.

Do not hesitate. Call us and we’ll be happy to make it for you.


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