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Frequently asked questions F.A.Q.

1. Can I return the product I bought from you?

Yes, you can, under following conditions:

  • If the product is a basic model, is not made-to-order and is not personalised.
  • If the product is not damaged and does not have traces of being used.
  • If its packaging is completely preserved.
  • A product may be returned within three days of its purchase.
  • Products without a receipt or invoice issued by the Company are not accepted.
  • Upon return, the transport is paid by the client.
2. If I return the product, when will I get my money back?

Once the product arrives at us, we check it thoroughly. If everything is all right, we will refund you within a month.

3. Can I order over the phone?

You could order via Viber, Messenger or Skype and send us the necessary information, the personalisation text, if you would like one, and you could ask us any questions.

4. Can I make an individual order from a distance?

Yes, you can. We will need all your requirements in writing, sent to our email. Our communication will continue until we clarify all the aspects of your order. After that, we will prepare a visualisation of your product and we will email it to you for approval. After your confirmation and prepayment, as agreed preliminarily, we will begin work.

5. Do you work in the weekends?

We can meet you in the weekend if you call or email us in advance.


6. Do your products have a guarantee?

Our company works with materials purchased from certified dealers and manufacturers. We provide a guarantee for the products craftsmanship.


7. Can your products be exported and what documents are needed?

Yes, many of our products are exported. Every item made by us bears our seal which certifies that it was made by Zografov & Son. This is extremely important as far as the replicas of treasures are concerned because it means that they are not originals or objects of national significance. You will need the following documents: the invoice and the certificate issued by our Company.

 If you did not find the answer to your question here above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In case you find the answers listed above not helpful, please do not hesitate to contact us.