Children's silver cup with a handle

  • Cat No: 09091
Children's cup with a handle made of 950 silver - a perfect present for children and grandchildren, for christening, birthday or another happy event.


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The size of the cup is:


  • Height - 105 mm
  • Diameter -75 mm
  • Volume - 180 ml
  • Silver 950 – 170g


Metal plaque with a message – 25 BGN.



‘Grandchildren restore our thirst for life and our faith in humanity,’ a wise man once said.

If you want to leave a precious memory to your children and grandchildren, you can make a valuable present - a children's silver cup.

The attachment to the children of our children makes us constantly think about what kind of memory to leave for them so that they do not forget us. The cycle of life shows that, in addition to dignified behaviour and wise life advice, family relics remain and are passed down from generation to generation. We often hear: ‘This is from my grandparents.’ Almost all of us have kept fond memories of them. 


The children’s silver cup is a perfect present for:


  • Children and grandchildren. We offer you an unforgettable present for your children and grandchildren - a silver children's cup, on which, at your request, we can engrave text, monogram or initials. This wonderful gift will remain forever and will remind them of your kindness, the days when you laughed and played together, and the happy moments spent with their beloved grandparents.
  • ChristeningOn this day, it is a tradition for those closest to the godchild to give them a silver dish or jewellery. Silver is a precious metal that is associated with spiritual purity. The silver children's cup with an engraved initial will remain a fond memory of this solemn event.


What is the children’s cup made of?


The children's cup is made of 950 silver. It has a stable base and a cylindrical shape that extends to its upper end. The handle is thick and strong. Individual parts of the surface have an additional 24K gold coating. Checked and marked by the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency.


Personalise your present


  • A metal plaque on which we write your message to the recipient of the gift. We put it in a luxury box together with the cup you have chosen. We can engrave the cup itself. Your gift is personalised, and your gesture emphasises your personal attitude towards the person and gives the gift greater emotional value.
  • If you wish, we can create a set of one or more cups together in a luxury box.
  • Presenting the gift in elegant packaging is part of the exciting experience. We offer all our products in elegant, luxury boxes, tailored to the size of the items. To them, we add a certificate of quality of the product and a small catalogue with photos of some of our products. We put all this in a beautiful branded bag and the gift is ready for presenting.



How to keep the children’s silver cup


 We are happy to offer you our maintenance service to keep your ‘Zografov and son’ artwork in mint condition.

If over time, the silver darkened by long use, or if you damage the shape of the item, please contact us. We can repair it for you and you can have it back in its previous pristine state. The price for this service will be determined after we examine the piece.

To maintain the perfect condition of any items bought from us, please have a look at the article with instructions on how to take care of the products.


Time for production


 If the cup is not available, the production time is 7 working days.


Make a gift that will impress and will last a lifetime.


 Make your choice, order an unforgettable and stylish gift.


 We will be happy to hear from you and answer all your questions. We can help you choose your gift for the specific occasion. Our clients are representatives of government institutions, banks, corporations, companies and many individuals. They all trust our experience.


 Please, contact us on Viber or tel. +359 887 697 228


We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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