In order to enjoy our products for a long time, you must take care of them and follow this advice:

  1. Never wash products made of precious metals or noble wood in a dishwasher!
  2. Never put the items in a microwave!
  3. Over time, silver vessels begin to darken because the metal is very pure (950 fineness) and interacts with the environment, covering the surface with a thin oxide layer.

If you notice a change in colour or shine, you can regain the original look by intensively rubbing the surface with a soft cotton cloth. You will immediately see a difference between the newly-cleaned area and the remaining surface. This is how people used to clean their silverware every week in the past.


Vessels that are not of solid noble metal but have only silver and/or gold coatings can be used, but with frequent use, a portion of the noble layer wears out faster and the basic metal can be seen. Therefore, our recommendation is that these vessels are not used every day. If you use these vessels, you should only wash them by hand, without harsh detergents, and gently dry them off immediately with a soft cloth.

Products made of a combination of wood and metal require special care. They can be washed under running water, but not left to soak. Dry the product by hand immediately after washing. Do not dry forcibly, for example - with a hair-dryer, on a heater or directly exposed to the sun. Wood is a living material that shrinks when heated or placed in a very dry environment, and swells when soaked or exposed to excess moisture. The result of placing the articles in such extreme conditions can be the cracking of the wood or the occurrence of a gap at the joints with the metal elements.